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Here is how to archive in apple mail

1.Start Apple Mail
2.From the Mail menu select Mailbox > New Mailbox.
Within the New Mailbox Window
3.For Location select "On My Mac"
4.Enter a friendly name for your new mailbox such as archived mail
5.Click OK.
6.You should see your new mailbox listed under your existing mailboxes

To move mail from the server to your new local mailbox

1.Select the account on the server that contains the messages you'd like to archive
2.Select the messages you want to archive.
3.ctrl-click on the highlighted messages to available options and select Move To
4.When prompted choose the folder you created previously in this tutorial
5.You may also need to repeat these steps for your sent items folder on the server as well.

By choosing Move To the messages will be moved from the mail server to your local computer and will free up your mailbox quota on the server.

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