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Setting up your email address using Windows Live Mail

Launch Windows Live Mail on your computer

If you are not presented with add new email account wizard


  1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Email


You'll be presented with the following window

step 1


Click Next

On the following screen

Enter your email address
Enter your email account password
Tick Manually Configure Server Settings

Incoming Server Settings (POP3)


  1. Server Type
    Select POP
  2. Server Address
    e.g. (this information is to the right of the @ sign in your email address)
  3. PORT Number
  4. Leave Requires SSL unchecked
  5. Authenticate using Clear text
  6. Logon User Name
    enter your full email address


Outgoing Server Settings (SMTP)


  1. Server address
  2. Port number
    25 or 26
  3. Leave requires SSl unchecked
  4. Tick Requires Authentication
  5. Click Next

If successful you'll be presented with the following screen

step 3

Click finish. There are still a couple of steps so read on.



  1. Click the accounts Tab


  2. Click Properties

    step 6

  3. Click the Advanced Tab

    step 6

  4. At the bottom of this tab 
    Untick leave a copy of messages on the server or
    Tick remove copies of messages from the server after xx days. We suggest no more than 7 days to avoid your mailbox quota being reached.

  5. Click OK and you are done.



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